What sponsorships are available?

Digital Gardens offers multiple Sponsorship Positions ranging from low to high in both cost and involvement. 

Who comes to Digital Gardens?

Digital Gardens is a growing electronic music and arts festival with a projected attendance of 2,000 daily attendees and is based out of Charlotte NC, in the NoDa district. Our fanbase consists of predominately artistic, open minded, creative individuals, ages 18-35.

How do I contact Digital Gardens about a Sponsorship?

Please reach out to SOMA Entertainment at Booking@SOMA.Events for additional information regarding sponsorship opportunities for 2019. 


Incendia Fire

Who is Incendia?

Designed to facilitate an unforgettable experience for festival-goers, Incendia's dynamic capabilities are designed to adapt to any environment, suitable for any occasion.

What does Incendia Do?

Mesmeric, immersive spaces melding the worlds of art, engineering, and science through the pursuit of enthralling fire and stage design.

Specializing in Pyrotechnics, and Custom Fire Design!

What is Incendia bringing to Digital Gardens 2019?

Digital Gardens 2018 will feature 25 Foot Tall Flame Cannons on the WaterMate Main Stage, as well as mounted throughout the remaining Silent Disco and Art Expression Space!

Check Incendia out at: http://www.experienceincendia.com/!


PK Sound

Who is PK Sound?

PK Sound is passionate about providing a true connection between artist and fan. They believe that every audio experience should be exceptional. PK's brand of audio system is well known for its transparent, full bodied, powerful sound; a result of new technologies created by people who love music, focusing on the evolving demands of artists, engineers, and fans.

What does PK Sound Do?

Create BADASS Speaker Systems!

What PK Sound will be at Digital Gardens 2019?

Digital Gardens 2019 is powered by PK CX 800 Subwoofers and PK VX10 Line Arrays on the WaterMate Main Stage, courtesy of Prism Live Design!

Check PK Sound out at: https://www.pksound.ca/!



Who is Prism Live Design?

Founded in 2016 by Ryan Hart, Prism Live Design was a concept developed years before it emerged to reality. Prism Live Design's goal is to collide our passion for design and aesthetic with our deep-rooted concert history to produce events that bring people together, each event better than the last.

What does Prism Live Design Do?

Just as a Prism has two figures to refract light into a spectrum of colors, Prism Live Design draws transcendental, visual inspiration from two elements of equal value - Video and Lights - To create unforgettable experiences. 

What is Prism bringing to Digital Gardens 2019?

Digital Gardens 2019 will feature PK Sound on the WaterMate Main Stage, as well as top notch LED wall and lighting effects.

Check Prism out at: https://prismlivedesign.com/!


Sound Off Silent Disco Experience

Who is Sound Off?

Sound Off creates silent disco events - interactive events where no amplified sound is needed. Event attendees tune into multiple streams of live entertainment piped into our wireless noise canceling headsets! 

What is the Sound Off Experience?

Each headset has a channel selector, and a volume slider, meaning that silent disco attendees can be in total control over their musical experience! With a range of up to 500 yards, Sound Off silent discos offer the opportunity to create dynamic, and out of the box events only limited by where your imagination can take them! 

How is Sound Off Involved with Digital Gardens 2019?

The Official Digital Gardens 2019 Silent Disco is powered by none other than Sound Off. Our Silent Disco experience features top of the line high fidelity wireless headphones, capable of tuning into 1 of 2 separate Artists playing at the same time!

Check Sound Off out at: http://www.soundoffexperience.com/!